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Justin Moore Releases Wild West-style Video For “You Look Like I Need a Drink”

Posted on: February 17th, 2016 by Mel McCrae

If you need a laugh, Justin Moore‘s new music video for “You Look Like I Need a Drink” should do the trick.

Justin shows off his horseback riding skills, and there are tumbleweeds aplenty, but the true star of the clip may be the plot itself. In a Wild West-style showdown, he is on the hunt for a woman named “Mad” Mary Mona Lisa, pictured in a wanted poster…and it’s not easy to find her. He repeats the same day over and over, a la ‘Groundhog Day’.

“This may be my favorite video I’ve ever shot,” he says. “I am a huge Western fan, and we shot one with a dose of comedy.”

Being ‘Touchy’ A Touchy Subject With Justin Moore

Posted on: February 26th, 2014 by Mel McCrae

Even though Justin Moore denies being a germaphobe, you get the impression that he is, kind of. For example, when he goes to Vegas for the ACM Awards in April, he says he won’t be wading into the hotel pool.

“My wife is excited about pool time. I’m not. I don’t do public pools,” he says. “I’m not really a germaphobe, but public pools to me are disgusting. I mean, you’re talking about urine that ain’t yours, you’re talking about every germ imaginable. It’s just gross to me. My wife can do it. It creeps me out.”

Among the other things that bother the ACM New Artist Finalist are what other people may have left behind in the water. “Band-Aids. You know, you’re swimming around, there’s somebody’s Band-Aid that fell off. I mean, they had it maybe around their ingrown toenail or something,” he says. “I can’t do it.”

“I won’t drink out of water fountains either.” Also on his “no” list, touching anything in the bathroom, which he admits can be a challenge at times because of his height. “In the bathroom, like the urinal, I kick the flusher, the handle. I don’t touch it with my hands, yeah, unless it’s real tall and then obviously I can’t reach it. My legs are not the longest in the world, but [I] do the elbow thing.”

Justin wants you to cast you (clean) vote for him for ACM New Artist of the Year at starting March 24th . The Academy of Country Music Awards will be handed out April 6th on CBS.

Source: Country Vibe