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Cat Country 98.7’s 100 Days of Summer

Posted on: June 29th, 2021 by cali

RESCHEDULED: Brooks and Dunn – The Wharf – October 9, 2021

Posted on: June 13th, 2021 by brent

Don’t miss Brooks & Dunn when their Reboot 2021 Tour comes to Orange Beach with Travis Tritt and Elvie Shane Saturday, October 9 as part of the C Spire Concert Series! Grab your tickets now:




Listen to Win

Listen at Work – Win Cash

Posted on: March 9th, 2021 by brent

Embrace the Community

Posted on: February 9th, 2021 by cali

The Cat’s Last Blast Before Summer’s Past – Winner Announced

Posted on: September 27th, 2020 by brent

Last Blast

CONGRATS to Kristen Smith from Pensacola!  

She WON  the Cat’s Last Blast before Summer’s Past…  Pensacola Beach Getaway for October 22nd – October 26th.

Take your Covid safe friends and family to hang at Casa De Luna on Pensacola Beach… Stay with up to 10 of your friends.

Casa De Luna

It’s 4 King Suites with attached Bathrooms… Game Room, Pool, and Bikes included for your adventure.

Plus, Ho2 Pensacola Dolphin Tours, Pontoons & More is setting you up for a “Day on the Bay” with  a 10 Seater Pontoon Boat to cruise Pensacola Bay! When you come in you can Grab Dinner at the Frisky Dolphin ($250 worth of food).

Laguna’s on Pensacola Beach is putting up a Day of Play for 5 (Full Passes for Everything plus $100 worth of Food)
Chasin Fins will take your party on a Dolphin Cruise
Visit Pensacola is providing great Beach Bags for you to remember your trip by.

***Winner must be 25 or older.  10 person maximum at Casa De Luna. The stay is good for October 22-26 Only.

Frisky Dolphin



Secret Sound 2019 – 9 – How we made it

Posted on: October 18th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Mike from East Milton who won $275 by knowing what Secret Sound 9 was.

Secret Sound 2019 – 8 – How we made it

Posted on: October 16th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Charity from Pensacola who knew what this Secret Sound was and scored $350.

Monday, October 14

  •  9AM – Paint roller & tape coming off the wall
  • 11AM – Car-wash then Vacuum
  • 1PM – Sharpening a razor then shaving with it
  • 3PM – Sharpening a flat razor, trimming a beard, blowing off loose hair
  • 5PM – Washing machine agitating


  • Tuesday, October 15
      • 9AM – Cutting & Degutting a pumpkin
      • 11AM – Hair Removal strips
      • 1PM – Washing machine
      • 3PM – Shaving Cream & Shaving a face with a regular razor
      • 5PM – Shaving Cream & Shaving a face with a straight razor then rinsing it off

Secret Sound 2019 – 7 – Reveal – How we made it

Posted on: October 12th, 2019 by brent

Here is how we made Secret Sound #7. Gwen from Pensacola knew what it was and scored a $1000!

Here were the wrong answers:

Wednesday, October 2
1PM – Water into a pot then scrubbing
3PM – Peeing in the toilet, then dropping your phone in and flushing
5PM – Tile saw cutting tile

Thursday, October 3
9AM – Water running over a tile saw
11AM – Water into the dishwasher with silverware stuck in the bottom
1PM – A garbage disposal and running water
3PM – Water in a sink with a running garbage disposal
5PM – Tile Saw cutting tile

Friday, October 4
9AM – Concrete Saw cutting Concrete
11AM – Water into a mixing bowl
1PM – Water pouring into a glass and running finger around the rim
3PM – Running water and someone using the vacuum
5PM – Water coming off metal roof hitting a wind chime

Monday, October 7
9AM – someone washing their hands in bathroom
11AM – water on a tile cutter
1PM – snaking a clogged drain
3PM – running water kitchen sink hose
5PM – hot pot in a sink with water and brush around the edges.

Tuesday, October 8
9AM – Washing metal pan in sink with sprayer
11AM – Water into a pan and ice from an icemaker
1PM – Turning on the water then spraying on jet stream
3PM – Toilet water running and toilet tank lid moving
5PM – Water into a Cast Iron pan and a metal utensil dragging across

Wednesday, October 9
9AM – Water dripping, skillsaw going backwards over wood
11AM – Water into a metal bowl and whisking
1PM – Water into a pot then spraying it out
3PM – Water into a sink with a garbage disposal and a fork in it
5PM – Water sprayed in a metal bowl

Thursday, October 10
9AM – Water into a bowl beaten with a hand mixer
11AM – Putting water in a pan then spraying it clean
1PM – Water poured in a metal bowl then electric mixer
3PM – Water & Ice in metal container then mixed
5PM – Liquid into pot or bowl then mixed with hand crank mixer

Secret Sound 2019 – 6 – Pineapple

Posted on: October 2nd, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Tina from Pensacola who made $600 for recognizing Secret Sound #6.

Here is how we made it:


  • Thursday, September 26
    • 9AM – Handsaw cutting wood
    • 11AM – Handsaw cutting wood
    • 1PM – Carwash
    • 3PM – Handsaw cutting Wood
    • 5PM – Brush rubbing against a wall
  • Friday, September 27
    • 9AM – Serrated blade cutting cardboard box
    • 11AM – Sawing thru plastic
    • 1PM – Sawing thru wood
    • 3PM – Sandpaper on Wood
    • 5PM – Hacksaw thru PVC
  • Monday, September 30
    • 9AM – Sandpaper on Wood
    • 11AM – Sandpaper on Drywall
    • 1PM – Saw cutting tree branch
    • 3PM – Hacksaw thru styrofoam
    • 5PM – Sanding wood
  • Tuesday, October 1
    • 9AM – Serrated Knife cutting French bread on a cutting board
    • 11AM – Sawing thru drywall
    • 1PM – Saw cutting thru a pipe
    • 3PM – Serrated knife cutting thru a tree branch
    • 5PM – Carpet tile backs rubbing together

Secret Sound 2019 – 5 – How we made it

Posted on: September 25th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Madison from Pensacola… who knew what Secret Sound 5 was for $375.


  • Monday, September 23
    • 1p-Driving with the Windows Down
    • 3p-a food chopper
    • 5p-a bracelet tapping a sink then the garbage disposal coming on.


  • Tuesday, September 24
    • 9a-Typewriter & Paper shredder
    • 11a-Blender crushing ice
    • 1p-Blender
    • 3p-Old typewriter & garbage disposal
    • 5p-Fake nails tap the side of a blender then on