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Register to Win Parker McCollum Tickets

Posted on: July 11th, 2024 by brent

Air Design Fan

Posted on: February 27th, 2024 by brent

Are you an Air Design Fan?

Last Prize Standing 2023 Winner Announced

Posted on: October 13th, 2023 by brent

CONGRATS TO Christina Rasler from Milton!  She made it to the end and made 5000 $1 Scratch Offs the LAST PRIZE STANDING!

Christina Rasler Wins


LAST PRIZE STANDING 2023 Presented by Fishbein Orthodontics has it’s final 2 Prizes…  

5000 $1 Dollar Lottery Tickets or a $5000 Lowes Card

The drawdown will be on Sunday, October 22 for check in at 12noon and the drawdown begins promptly at 1p at on location at Connell and Company, 2107 Airport Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32504
Google Map:

Will Maybin

It started with  trips, Cash, Concert Tickets, Coins, Mystery Concerts, and Pets.  There are 102 prizes on the board.  There can only be 2 at the end… To qualify to be in the drawdown for 1 of the last 2 prizes, you have to take a prize off the board. Listen at 9, 11, 1, 3 and 5 for a Text Keyword.  You will have 10 minutes to Text it in.  Then keep your phone close.  We will call someone in 10 minutes to pull 1 off the board. 

Final Grid

Here are the prizes:

1:         $5000 Check from Cat Country 98.7

2:         $5000 towards your next Car, Truck or Boat at an approved Cat Country Vendor (AVR: $5000)

3:         5,000 Taquitos Delivered on a mutually agreeable Date. (approximate retail value (“ARV”): $5,000

4:         2 Tickets to the Saints – Every 2024 Regular Season Home GAME and up to $3000 in Saints Gear (ticket value varies and over all package not to exceed $5000 including taxes and fees)  (AVR up to: $5000)

5:         Man Cave set up including arcade game, bar, 60 inch LED TV, surround sound, and tacky ‘man cave’ sign with your name (ARV: up to $4000)

6:         $5,000 Shopping Spree at the Marcus Pointe Thrift Store

7:         Brent Lane will officiate your wedding (ARV: $1000)

8:         Pair of tickets to the SEC Championship Game plus $1000 in Game Gear (AVR up to $5000)

9:         A $5000 Savings Account at a Cat Country approved Credit Union (ARV: $5000)

10:       Invisalign or Braces from Fishbein Orthodontics (ARV: $6000)

11:       A Man Shed from Florida’s Finest Structures (ARV: $5000)

12:       Arcade Game / Wine  Cabinet (ARV: $3,000)

13:       Gracie the Intern watches your pets for a weekend and treats them to their own VIP Beach Day with lunch  and grooming  and a limo  and a catered tent area at Pcola Beach Pet Beach (ARV: up to $3,000)

14:       A Year of Beer from Lewis Bear (Must be 21) (ARV: $5,000)

15:       $5000 worth of Gold Coins from Emerald Coast Coins (ARV $5,000)

16:       Crawfish Boil for you and 99 Friends (ARV: $5000)

17:       You can appear in a Tiktok with Gracie the Intern and learn how to edit video (up to 2 hours of lessons) (ARV: $3000)

18:       Full Fall & Spring Garden set -up, Includes Plants and Accessories and Expert Advise from Barnes Feed Store (ARV: $5,000)

19:       Private dinner/meal at your home for up to 6 people each month for a year with a professional chef (ARV: $5,000)

20:       1 TONS of Goldfish Crackers from Fishbein Orthodontics (ARV: $5,000)

21:       Dance lessons with Mel McCrae, you will learn to be a pro at the Boot Scoot and Boogie (up to 5 lessons) (ARV: up to $2,000)

22:       Gardall 10 sq. ft. Gun Safe, includes installation.  (ARV: $4000)

23:       A Hit Song Writer writes you a song, we play it once on Cat Country 987 (ARV: up to $5,000)

24:       Personal Water Craft from Facebook Marketplace (ARV:  $5000)

25:       Brent, MEL and Big Moose DJ the wedding of your choice in Escambia or Santa Rosa County  (ARV: up to $5,000)

26:       A Preowned “Mystery Car” (ARV: up to $5,000)

27:       GIGI’s Boutique and Eats Shopping Spree (ARV: $5000)

28:       4-Season Tickets, 4-Game Jerseys and Ice Flyers promotional items (ARV up to: $5000) 

29:       Home Make Over from Jonathan’s Flooring (ARV up to: 5000)

30:       A Mission Trip for two through Score International…  Where do you want to help? (ARV: Up to $5000)

31:       Donations to all of your kids’ school fundraising causes for their remaining grade school years (up to $5,000)

32:       Amazon Prime Membership, and Alexa Personal Assistant and $4,000 Amazon Credit. (AVR: $4,500)

33:       Christmas bills paid up to $3,000 and two round trip coach tickets from the continental United States to Pensacola for a family to visit (ARV up to: $5,000)

34:       $5000 down payment on your new vehicle (ARV Up to: $ 5000)

35:       A Hunting Trip with Cat Country 98.7 Sales Manager Jeff Wayne to his secret camp (ARV: $3,000)

36:       The Pensacola Beach “Blues at the Beach” Show Tent placement and guarded and $2000 in Spending Money for Blues on the Beach Weekend (ARV: up to $2,040)

37:       Brand new riding mower, weed eater and trimmer, and your first mow provided by Brent and Mel (Lawn mowed up to 1 acre) (ARV: $4,000)

38:         ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­$5000 worth of Road Trip treats at Buc-ee’s (ARV: $5000)

39:       10 Guitar Lessons with Jordan Glass (ARV: $1000)

40:       A two-week RV rental for a family bonding trip with $1,000 gas card (ARV up to: $5,000)

41:       A $5000 Lowes Card from Will Maybin, realtor Connell & Company (ARV: $5000)

42:       A new tool shed at an approved Cat Country Vendor (ARV: up to $5,000)

43:        .79 Polar Pops every day for a year and a $500.00 Gas Card (ARV: $1000)

44:       Apple Time:  Apple Watch, iPhone X, and MacBook (ARV: up to $5,000)

45:       3 day Las Vegas Trip for 2 (Airfare and Hotel) and $1000 in cash to wager (ARV: Up to $5000)

46:      Royal Carribean 7-day, 6-night cruise for 2 to and $1000 Ships Credit from Dan Stewart PA (ARV: Up to $5,000)

47:       Local Hotel and Casino Stay – 4 Day/ 4 Night Junior Suite, Two tickets to any one show, Dinner for two at the buffet, Spa for two and $2000 in wagering Cash (ARV up to: $5,000)

48:       The Smoky Mountain Experience.  5 Nights, tickets to a Dollywood, a dinner show, Cades Cove, River Rafting, and Ober Gatlinburg and $1000 In Spending Cash (ARV: up to $5000)

49:    Season Passes for 2 at a fun park for 4 years (AVR: up to $5000)

50:       Cat Country Show Pass – A pair of tickets to every 2024 country concert Cat Country 98.7 is part of (ARV: up to $5,000)

51:       Cat-Five Hurricane Fabric Protective Window Coverings for you home (ARV: $5,000)

52:       $5,000 Shopping Spree at a Cat Country Approved Jeweler (ARV: $5,000)

53:       Party with a Rhino with 10 of your friends at the Gulf Breeze Zoo including 10 adult tickets, 10 Giraffe encounter tickets, 10 Rhino encounter tickets, 10 Albino alligator encounter tickets, 10 Hippo encounter tickets, 10 Galapagos encounter tickets and 10 Sloth encounter tickets (ARV: $2,300)

54:      $5000 Visa Gift Card FFS Roofing & Construction (ARV: $5,000)

55:       The Cat makes your car payment for a year (up to $5,000) (ARV: up to $5,000) (if you do not have a car, you will receive a check in the amount of $5,000 instead)

56:    A She Shed from Florida’s Finest Structures (ARV: $5000)

57:       Pay off Student Loans, up to $5,000 (ARV: $5,000) (if you do not have student loans, you will receive a check in the amount of $5,000 instead)

58:       a day of kayaking and a night of camping at Blackwater River with Jordan Glass and YOU KEEP THE CAMPING EQUIPMENT ($500) (ARV: $1,000)

59:       The adopted Pet of your choice from the Hotel for Cats and Dogs, with toys, a years worth of food, first year of vet visits and a $3000 donation back to Hotel for Cats and Dogs (ARV: $4500)

60:    Mattress Set with Powerbase of your Choice from the Sleep Center  (ARV: $4999)

61:       A private air-conditioned port-a-john for 4 events in one year (best seats in the house) from Cat Country 98.7 approved vender (ARV up to: $5,000)

62:       5,000 – $1 scratch off lottery tickets (ARV: $5,000)

63:     $5000 towards a new Roof from FFS Roofing & Construction  (ARV: $5000)

64:    “Jelly of the Month Club” for you and 4 Friends for 1 year. (ARV up to: $5,000)

65:       $5,000 Walmart Gift Card (ARV: $5,000)

66:       5 Day Norwegian Cruise Vacation for 2 in a Suite with $1000 in Ships Credit. (ARV up to: $5,000)

67:       A new sun room from Cat Country 98.7 approved vendor (up to $5,000)

68:       90 minute deep tissue massage every other week for a year (ARV up to:  $5,000) 

69:       A/C Replacement from an approved Cat Country Vendor (ARV up to: $5,000)

70:       $5,000 Shopping Spree at Winn-Dixie (ARV: $5,000)

71:       Baby Lock Aerial Sewing & Embroidery Machine from Derrel’s Sewing and 100 yards of fabric (ARV: $5,000)

72:       $5000 shopping spree at the Pensacola Interstate Fair (ARV: $5,000)

73:       Your taxes paid up to $5,000 (If taxes are less than $5,000 owed, you’ll receive a check for the difference)

74:       $2000 in UWF or PSC College Gear (ARV: up to $2,000) 

75:       Photography Lessons with Dustin Williams Photography and a 30 X 40 Metal Pensacola Beach Milky Way Pic of your choice, plus 5 Hours of Lessons and chance shoot Miracle on Palafox with Dustin (ARV: $2,500)

76:       A $5,000 Christmas Decoration Overhaul (ARV: $5,000)

77:       $5000 in Rent… We pay your rent (ARV: $5000)

78:       Mystery Concert #3 with Hotel and Airfare (AVR up to: $5000)

79:       $5000 in Skin Care Services from a Cat Country 98.7 Approved Vendor (ARV: $5,000)

80:       The latest Smart Phone (bought out) and a credit of $2500 for service (ARV: Up to $4500)

81:       Dinner for 2 at the fanciest restaurant in Pensacola including Tip… Plus we buy 3000 meals for your hungry Neighbors at Manna Food Pantries  (ARV: $5000)

82:       $100 Cash Each Week for the Rest of the Year (ARV: $1000)

83:     A Hot Tub filled with the Frozen Custard of the Day from Culvers  (ARV: Up to $5000)

84:       One Travel Trip for two from the Groupon Deal of Your Choice (ARV: Up to $5000)

85:          Movie tickets for you and 3 of your friends every week for a year plus 4 popcorn buckets at the The Ridge or The Breeze Cinemas ($2200)

86:       Mystery Trip to a Concert #1 with Hotel and Airfare. (ARV: $3000)

87:       His and Hers firearms at a Cat Country approved Vendor (ARV: $4000)

88:       The Ultimate Couch Potato Prize: 70” TV, Sound and Recliner with a fully stocked beer fridge (ARV Up to: $4000)

89:     Babylock Bloom Sewing and Embroidery machine AND an Aussie 2 sewing machine cabinet from Derrel’s Sewing of Pensacola (AVR: $5000)

90:       A Night at McGuires to Kiss the Moose with Big Moose for you and 20 Friends… Drinks included (ARV: $2000)

91:       Chick-Fil-A Catered Party for up to 250 at an undisclosed location with a special Country Music guest appearance. (ARV: Up to $5000)

92:       Mystery Concert Experience #2, Air and Hotel (ARV: $4000)

93:       Flooring Make Over from Howard Young Flooring (ARV: Up To $5000)

94:       20 Years of Netflix or Disney Plus (AVR: $3597.00)

95:       Mentoring from radio station owner Dave Hoxeng  (ARV: $3000)

96:      450,000 Pennies in a Bucket (ARV: $5000)

97:     $4000 to the Charity of your choice… $1000 for you. (AVR Up to: 5000)

98:       A Lip Sync Battle with a National Country Artist (ARV: $2000)

99:       4 Super Fan Passes to Spring Jam 2024 – with $1000 to spend (ARV $1500)

100:     The Gift of Saenger… Every Show you can see for under $5000 (ARV up to $5000)

101:     $5000 worth of Concert tickets to the Wharf (ARV: $5000)

102:    Backyard Burger Party for 100 people from Culvers (ARV: up to $5000)


Christmas Wish FAQ

Posted on: December 4th, 2017 by brent

Christmas Wishes started over a decade ago and has grown into a “Pay It Forward” Christmas inspiration.  You can wish for what ever you want.  Our Christmas Wish Committee will review each wish and try to match wishes with granters.

Q. Are all wishes granted?

A. No…  we get over a 1000 wishes every year…  We try to match up as many wishes as we can.

Q. Is it a contest?

A. No.  Any wish is possible… we try to connect wishes and donors.

Q. How does the money from Miracle on Palafox help?

A. The money from Miracle on Palafox all goes through the  The United Way of West Florida for Toy Wishes.  You can submit for toys here.

Q. Can I submit a wish in person?

A. You can submit a wish

Attention Toy Wishes:  The United Way of West Florida will begin taking Christmas Wishes for toys at the link above.  All toy wishes will be vetted according to need.