Cat Country 98.7 is all about Country Music.  The Cat proudly represents the Gulf Coast on the national level in many research projects to be identify what you want to hear.


Represent Pensacola in Nashville

SurveyEach year, there’s a national survey on the state of country music radio in America. Only a handful of stations and listeners are selected to give their opinions. It’s a big deal when this group comes asking questions, as the results go to most of the country radio stations around the country.

This year, Cat Country 98.7 listeners have been selected for this national survey. Your opinions on what country music is or isn’t, how much you like your current station and the music they play, are all part of this huge national effort.

Often you’ll hear stories from people who say “I’ve never been asked” or “I don’t know anyone who’s ever gotten any of those survey things.” Now you have. The best part is you do it on your own time, at your computer. No salesperson will call 🙂

Your opinion is combined with others across America and shared with the record companies in Nashville. It can help get the kind of music you want to hear recorded in Nashville.

Here’s the survey link.

To make sure Pensacola is properly represented, please enter “A04” when you are asked for the station code. If you have friends who are country fans, share the story with them and ask them to spend eight minutes.

Together, we can put a little Pensacola into Nashville.

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