Is radio right for your business?

Is Radio Right For Your Business?
by Brent Lane (January 21, 2019)

As a sales tool, a radio is very powerful. Radio is relatively inexpensive medium and it puts your brand in a listeners car, work, and workout. Let’s look at a 8 ways to evaluate if a radio  is right for you.

First, is your product something people will buy? This is a valid question. Ask yourself what is the perceived necessity that your product fills. If you can answer the question with an affirmative, then you are ready to move on the details.

Second, is there a compelling core story regarding the product? It really doesn’t matter what that product is, it simply must fill a perceived need.

Third, how speaks passionately about your product or service? Do you have someone who can talk about this product in a concise, but passionate way and translate the formality of the specifics into the reality of the average user? While a good producer can coach your talent, it can never recreate the passion.

Fourth, do you have testimonials from users? Have some people who love what you do or what you sell and let’s get them to talk about it.

Fifth, what incentive do you have to offer a potential consumer? The “Call to Action” is just as important as the product itself. Why should the consumer call now? Do you offer free shipping, a free book, etc.? Radio perform better when there is a sense of urgency. The perception of a great offer is important..

Sixth, is the pricing associated with your product viable for radio? Products that sell for less than fifty dollars do two to three times better than products over fifty dollars.

Seventh, do you have a stable company? Will the potential growth be a contributing factor to destabilizing the value of the product in the form of customer service or delivery?

Eighth, do you have the follow up? Radio is a tool for driving sales, in most cases the value of the sale is truly determined down the road when the customer orders a second and a third time. Do you have the ability to drive the follow up for the system?

These items are meant to assess and prepare you for the implementation of radio advertising. The good news is that each item has been successfully tried. The implementation plan is well documented and the equation for success is well developed. While all advertising is a risk and fools only guarantee success, we can point to a long-standing history of success and a long list of lessons learned from failures. For a FREE Consultation on radio  development for your company contact us here and receive our MediaKit immediately.

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