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Cash Cat – See Rachael Win $5000

Posted on: October 1st, 2018 by brent

CONGRATS to Rachael Hartsell from Harold Florida… She found the Cash Cat at the Riverwalk in Milton!

It’s Round 2

TRUE – We gave someone $5000 to keep safe until you find them.

TRUE – You will find them in Escambia or Santa Rosa County Florida

TRUE – We will give clues on the radio every weekday at 7:20am, 11:20am, 3:20pm, and 5:20pm

TRUE – 1 additional clue will be given each day exclusively through the Cat Country 98.7 App (For iPhone and Android)

TRUE – Cat Country Personalities cannot repeat clues on the air or on the phone

TRUE – At the end of the day, the on air Clues will appear on this page.

TRUE – Post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram wherever you are looking for the Cash Cat with #CashCat987 and you will get a $500 Bonus if you are the one that finds the Cash Cat.

TRUE – If you are 18+ you are eligible to find the Cash Cat.


For the Complete Rules: Rules-CashCat-10-16-18 7a

Extra Clues:

A Sheep for my Peeps?

Saturday out and about



No one asked me…

Daily Clues:

Thursday 10-18

  • 7:20 -Today is the day… 11 Days of Fun… Rides, games, and food a stick not on a bun
  • 11:20- Entertainment options today mean you won’t be Bored. You could ride rides early then watch a guy who rhymes with ord
  • 3:20 – At least once this week I’ll do my duty… You know in my heart… I’m a fair foodie
  • 5:20 – I’m not saying I am… I’m saying I might….Be wearing running shoes tonight.

Wednesday 10-17

  • 7:20: I like to take photos of places people want to see…I use all the hashtags for extra likes and glee
  • 11:20: It’s Take Your Parents To Lunch Day…Mom and Dad are worth it and they will probably pay
  • 3:20: Hope you checked the page and possibly got a peek…I am what I’m, but is it XY or XX you seek…
  • 5:20: So now you know… what I am and lots about me too…Find me soon and $5000 dollars is for you…

Tuesday 10-16

  • 7:20: Did you know it’s Global Cat Day…I like Cats and if you find me I’ll pay
  • 11:20: I heard you searching for me last night…You asked about shakes and the times alike
  • 3:20: I’m feeling stuffy and my nose is full…I am feeling some allergies up in my skull
  • 5:20: My Chromosomes are something seek…Narrow down the search tomorrow with a peek.

Monday 10-15

  • 7:20: You know what, today is Monday…Coffee is a must or it won’t be a fun day
  • 11:20: Jenna you and have something in common…I like Instagram and social media, I’m on “em”
  • 3:20: Here is a clue that is not a whim…When I work out… it is at a gym
  • 5:20: The day started with Coffee… a double shot…To end my day I might need a shake… man its hot…

Friday 10-12

  • 7:20 You are looking high and looking low… Perhaps you will find me walking Slow
  • 11:20 I am proud of our community… So many helpers have an opportunity
  • 3:20 Dressed up for a night out… I’m just saying… Check out those eyebrows… they are slaying
  • 5:20 The fall weather is great and tonight I’ll wear sox… Look for me tomorrow where you would find a Box.

Thursday 10-11

  • 7:20: Fortunately we didn’t have any major problems with the storm. I am back in action with grocery shopping as the norm.
  • 11:20: Let’s play catch up…To find me in town…Don’t look for blue eyes…You’d be better off with brown
  • 3:20: The Weather outside was frightful, But today it is more delightful. I plan to be outside but not on a hike, Look for me as I LOVE to BIKE
  • 5:20: The concert I planned to attend is no longer a go. But there are still a few places that have a show.

Monday 10-8

  • 7:20 The Banks are closed, but you can still win Cash… Seems like a day to stalk on my storm Rash….  Ins  …  See what I did there.
  • 11:20 I love sandals, but not flip flops… For much of my day, it shoes that Rock…
  • 3:20 Saturday I heard you talking about your Cash Cat Selfie… If you had panned to the left, I was in the background and you’d be wealthy.
  • 5:20 Pay attention… You know I’m not as tall as Brent, but what about Candy… Glad you asked… Taller I am, but a tape measure would be handy

Friday 10-5

  • 7:20: I want to see you looking and I’m willing to play. Post a selfie of you searching, if you end up finding me… Five Hundred extra I’ll pay!
  • 11:20: Is it a singers and songwriters weekend. Or should it be time in a maze. What to do tomorrow. Just make sure you know the right phrase!
  • 3:20: I heard several people found my sheep. Look for me this weekend where could I leap!
  • 5:20: Weekend weather is on point, I hope no rain. But keep the dust down it will…And I like salty not plain

Thursday 10-4

  • 7:20:  Is it better to find the Cash Cat with a friend or alone? I might find you near a pay phone…
  • 11:20: I LOVE the troops who protect our land. I’m NOT in the Military, but I am a proud American.
  • 3:20: SOOOOOO It’s National Taco Day…Count me in! I love all kinds of tacos, but Carne Asada is a SIN!
  • 5:20: If I was Smokey or the Bandit, what would I say? Yeah, that’s right, it’s 10-4 GOOD BUDDY DAY!

Wednesday 10-3

  • 7:20:  Today I’m on a mission to find a sheep…It’s the perfect gift for one of my peeps
  • 11:20: If you have the app you would already know…What this thing looks like, but where did I go?
  • 3:20: I’m frugal when I shop, but I do like unique…What I DO NOT like is the look of TEAK
  • 5:20: If ever you need a team shirt feel free to borrow…UWF is my sports team…  Can I get a GO Argos?

Tuesday 10-2

  • 7:20:  Search hi and low and out of the blue. I’m not short, but Brent I’m not as tall as you.
  • 11:20: Today I’m spending time going from meeting to meeting. Catch me out side for the BIG MONEY greeting.
  • 3:20: I saw you looking across the room right at me. If you don’t ask, you won’t know, if the Cat I Be.
  • 5:20: Hi dee ho neighbors you haven’t found me yet. I like throw back TV, but I don’t watch on a throw back set.

Monday 10-1

  • 7:20:  Congrats to Nick, he won 5 Grand… I’m the new Cash Cat in Command
  • 11:20: Local winners all the time… Means I’m local too, use your mind
  • 3:20: Yes I’m the Cash Cat, but not the one you think you know, I don’t work at the station, but I am a pro
  • 5:20: So at the end of Day 1, I’m still unfound… Remember I’m mobile, and I move around


Looking for Round 1 Clues? – Click Here

Congrats to NICK from CANTONMENT – You found the $5000 Cash Cat