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Luke Combs Fly Away

Posted on: September 15th, 2022 by brent


The Cat wants to put you on a plane to see Luke Combs with Lainey Wilson in Charleston on October 15th… Listen to win on the air at 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p, and 5p. You can qualify one time on the air and Big Moose will pull the grand prize winner on Friday, September 30th at 5:30p.

Rules – Luke Combs Fly Away

luke Combs Flyaway

Cash Cat – See Rachael Win $5000

Posted on: October 1st, 2018 by brent

CONGRATS to Rachael Hartsell from Harold Florida… She found the Cash Cat at the Riverwalk in Milton!

It’s Round 2

TRUE – We gave someone $5000 to keep safe until you find them.

TRUE – You will find them in Escambia or Santa Rosa County Florida

TRUE – We will give clues on the radio every weekday at 7:20am, 11:20am, 3:20pm, and 5:20pm

TRUE – 1 additional clue will be given each day exclusively through the Cat Country 98.7 App (For iPhone and Android)

TRUE – Cat Country Personalities cannot repeat clues on the air or on the phone

TRUE – At the end of the day, the on air Clues will appear on this page.

TRUE – Post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram wherever you are looking for the Cash Cat with #CashCat987 and you will get a $500 Bonus if you are the one that finds the Cash Cat.

TRUE – If you are 18+ you are eligible to find the Cash Cat.


For the Complete Rules: Rules-CashCat-10-16-18 7a

Extra Clues:

A Sheep for my Peeps?

Saturday out and about



No one asked me…

Daily Clues:

Thursday 10-18

  • 7:20 -Today is the day… 11 Days of Fun… Rides, games, and food a stick not on a bun
  • 11:20- Entertainment options today mean you won’t be Bored. You could ride rides early then watch a guy who rhymes with ord
  • 3:20 – At least once this week I’ll do my duty… You know in my heart… I’m a fair foodie
  • 5:20 – I’m not saying I am… I’m saying I might….Be wearing running shoes tonight.

Wednesday 10-17

  • 7:20: I like to take photos of places people want to see…I use all the hashtags for extra likes and glee
  • 11:20: It’s Take Your Parents To Lunch Day…Mom and Dad are worth it and they will probably pay
  • 3:20: Hope you checked the page and possibly got a peek…I am what I’m, but is it XY or XX you seek…
  • 5:20: So now you know… what I am and lots about me too…Find me soon and $5000 dollars is for you…

Tuesday 10-16

  • 7:20: Did you know it’s Global Cat Day…I like Cats and if you find me I’ll pay
  • 11:20: I heard you searching for me last night…You asked about shakes and the times alike
  • 3:20: I’m feeling stuffy and my nose is full…I am feeling some allergies up in my skull
  • 5:20: My Chromosomes are something seek…Narrow down the search tomorrow with a peek.

Monday 10-15

  • 7:20: You know what, today is Monday…Coffee is a must or it won’t be a fun day
  • 11:20: Jenna you and have something in common…I like Instagram and social media, I’m on “em”
  • 3:20: Here is a clue that is not a whim…When I work out… it is at a gym
  • 5:20: The day started with Coffee… a double shot…To end my day I might need a shake… man its hot…

Friday 10-12

  • 7:20 You are looking high and looking low… Perhaps you will find me walking Slow
  • 11:20 I am proud of our community… So many helpers have an opportunity
  • 3:20 Dressed up for a night out… I’m just saying… Check out those eyebrows… they are slaying
  • 5:20 The fall weather is great and tonight I’ll wear sox… Look for me tomorrow where you would find a Box.

Thursday 10-11

  • 7:20: Fortunately we didn’t have any major problems with the storm. I am back in action with grocery shopping as the norm.
  • 11:20: Let’s play catch up…To find me in town…Don’t look for blue eyes…You’d be better off with brown
  • 3:20: The Weather outside was frightful, But today it is more delightful. I plan to be outside but not on a hike, Look for me as I LOVE to BIKE
  • 5:20: The concert I planned to attend is no longer a go. But there are still a few places that have a show.

Monday 10-8

  • 7:20 The Banks are closed, but you can still win Cash… Seems like a day to stalk on my storm Rash….  Ins  …  See what I did there.
  • 11:20 I love sandals, but not flip flops… For much of my day, it shoes that Rock…
  • 3:20 Saturday I heard you talking about your Cash Cat Selfie… If you had panned to the left, I was in the background and you’d be wealthy.
  • 5:20 Pay attention… You know I’m not as tall as Brent, but what about Candy… Glad you asked… Taller I am, but a tape measure would be handy

Friday 10-5

  • 7:20: I want to see you looking and I’m willing to play. Post a selfie of you searching, if you end up finding me… Five Hundred extra I’ll pay!
  • 11:20: Is it a singers and songwriters weekend. Or should it be time in a maze. What to do tomorrow. Just make sure you know the right phrase!
  • 3:20: I heard several people found my sheep. Look for me this weekend where could I leap!
  • 5:20: Weekend weather is on point, I hope no rain. But keep the dust down it will…And I like salty not plain

Thursday 10-4

  • 7:20:  Is it better to find the Cash Cat with a friend or alone? I might find you near a pay phone…
  • 11:20: I LOVE the troops who protect our land. I’m NOT in the Military, but I am a proud American.
  • 3:20: SOOOOOO It’s National Taco Day…Count me in! I love all kinds of tacos, but Carne Asada is a SIN!
  • 5:20: If I was Smokey or the Bandit, what would I say? Yeah, that’s right, it’s 10-4 GOOD BUDDY DAY!

Wednesday 10-3

  • 7:20:  Today I’m on a mission to find a sheep…It’s the perfect gift for one of my peeps
  • 11:20: If you have the app you would already know…What this thing looks like, but where did I go?
  • 3:20: I’m frugal when I shop, but I do like unique…What I DO NOT like is the look of TEAK
  • 5:20: If ever you need a team shirt feel free to borrow…UWF is my sports team…  Can I get a GO Argos?

Tuesday 10-2

  • 7:20:  Search hi and low and out of the blue. I’m not short, but Brent I’m not as tall as you.
  • 11:20: Today I’m spending time going from meeting to meeting. Catch me out side for the BIG MONEY greeting.
  • 3:20: I saw you looking across the room right at me. If you don’t ask, you won’t know, if the Cat I Be.
  • 5:20: Hi dee ho neighbors you haven’t found me yet. I like throw back TV, but I don’t watch on a throw back set.

Monday 10-1

  • 7:20:  Congrats to Nick, he won 5 Grand… I’m the new Cash Cat in Command
  • 11:20: Local winners all the time… Means I’m local too, use your mind
  • 3:20: Yes I’m the Cash Cat, but not the one you think you know, I don’t work at the station, but I am a pro
  • 5:20: So at the end of Day 1, I’m still unfound… Remember I’m mobile, and I move around


Looking for Round 1 Clues? – Click Here

Congrats to NICK from CANTONMENT – You found the $5000 Cash Cat