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Meet Cabbage the Cash Cow

Posted on: April 10th, 2021 by brent

Cash Cow

The Cat has a new friend… Starting Monday (April 5th)… Meet “Cabbage” the Cash Cow presented by Fishbein Orthodontics.  You can milk the MOO-LAH at 9, 11, and 3.

Here is how it works:

1st – Listen at 7:20a each weekday morning for that day’s MOO CUE Keyword.  You can listen for it or grab it from our Facebook Page.

2nd – When you here the MOO CUE at 9, 11, or 3… you have 10 minutes to text the keyword to 850-430-1987 (So we know you are ready to Milk the Moolah).

3rd – If Cabbage picks you, you get to warm up your hands and milk the moolah.  Every pull on the Cash Cow utter is worth cash.  We will let you decide when you want to stop.  But don’t get greedy… If Cabbage kicks over the pail, you get nothing.

$100, $300, $500… where will it stop?  

See the Rules here