Dana Minchew wins Last Prize Standing, but there is more…

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (Pensacola) – Last Prize Standing 2018 was a fun Cat Country 98.7 Station Contest that took on a whole new meaning when Dana Minchew claimed her $5000 Savings Account at Central Credit Union. It started with 102 possible prizes on a grid.  One by one 100 prizes where eliminated, leaving only 2.  Each time a prize was eliminated that contestant became a qualifier for the drawdown at Bob Tyler Toyota on Sunday, May 6th.  At the end of the drawdown the last ball in the hopper belonged to Dana Minchew from Pensacola.  She made the $5000 Savings Account at Central Credit Union the Last Prize Standing.  She explained that she choose the savings account because her 1.5 year old daughter had recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and that she would use the money to offset medical expenses in the future.  Today, she arrived with her daughter Cora to claim her savings account.  What she didn’t know was that an anonymous donor heard her story and called and offered to match her prize winnings.  Cat Country 98.7 presented Dana with her winnings and then surprised her with the additional check.  She said she was speechless.

Thank you to the team at Central Credit Union for being a part of today and sharing in the incredible surprise.


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