Harry Potter makeup brushes?

Facepaintium Perfecto! Now your magic mug will really look wizard, as you can apply your makeup with wands that could have come straight from Ollivander’s, if Ollivander had been more interested in fashion then levitation and lighting spells.

Storybook Cosmetics, a company run by triplets in Omaha who see a correlation between the sparkling of a magic spell and the glitter of the runway, don’t technically or legally call their products “Harry Potter” anything. But it’s like selling a lipstick inspired by a “space laser sword”; you know where the idea took root.

The brush set, which you can preorder now, comes with five wand-brushes, all with “magical metal handles.” Included with the set is a custom velvet pouch for safekeeping.


Read more here: http://nerdist.com/harry-potter-style-wands-can-now-apply-your-make-up/


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