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Secret Sound 2019 – 9 – How we made it

Posted on: October 18th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Mike from East Milton who won $275 by knowing what Secret Sound 9 was.

Secret Sound 2019 – 8 – How we made it

Posted on: October 16th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Charity from Pensacola who knew what this Secret Sound was and scored $350.

Monday, October 14

  •  9AM – Paint roller & tape coming off the wall
  • 11AM – Car-wash then Vacuum
  • 1PM – Sharpening a razor then shaving with it
  • 3PM – Sharpening a flat razor, trimming a beard, blowing off loose hair
  • 5PM – Washing machine agitating


  • Tuesday, October 15
      • 9AM – Cutting & Degutting a pumpkin
      • 11AM – Hair Removal strips
      • 1PM – Washing machine
      • 3PM – Shaving Cream & Shaving a face with a regular razor
      • 5PM – Shaving Cream & Shaving a face with a straight razor then rinsing it off

Secret Sound 2019 – 7 – Reveal – How we made it

Posted on: October 12th, 2019 by brent

Here is how we made Secret Sound #7. Gwen from Pensacola knew what it was and scored a $1000!

Here were the wrong answers:

Wednesday, October 2
1PM – Water into a pot then scrubbing
3PM – Peeing in the toilet, then dropping your phone in and flushing
5PM – Tile saw cutting tile

Thursday, October 3
9AM – Water running over a tile saw
11AM – Water into the dishwasher with silverware stuck in the bottom
1PM – A garbage disposal and running water
3PM – Water in a sink with a running garbage disposal
5PM – Tile Saw cutting tile

Friday, October 4
9AM – Concrete Saw cutting Concrete
11AM – Water into a mixing bowl
1PM – Water pouring into a glass and running finger around the rim
3PM – Running water and someone using the vacuum
5PM – Water coming off metal roof hitting a wind chime

Monday, October 7
9AM – someone washing their hands in bathroom
11AM – water on a tile cutter
1PM – snaking a clogged drain
3PM – running water kitchen sink hose
5PM – hot pot in a sink with water and brush around the edges.

Tuesday, October 8
9AM – Washing metal pan in sink with sprayer
11AM – Water into a pan and ice from an icemaker
1PM – Turning on the water then spraying on jet stream
3PM – Toilet water running and toilet tank lid moving
5PM – Water into a Cast Iron pan and a metal utensil dragging across

Wednesday, October 9
9AM – Water dripping, skillsaw going backwards over wood
11AM – Water into a metal bowl and whisking
1PM – Water into a pot then spraying it out
3PM – Water into a sink with a garbage disposal and a fork in it
5PM – Water sprayed in a metal bowl

Thursday, October 10
9AM – Water into a bowl beaten with a hand mixer
11AM – Putting water in a pan then spraying it clean
1PM – Water poured in a metal bowl then electric mixer
3PM – Water & Ice in metal container then mixed
5PM – Liquid into pot or bowl then mixed with hand crank mixer

Secret Sound 2019 – 6 – Pineapple

Posted on: October 2nd, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Tina from Pensacola who made $600 for recognizing Secret Sound #6.

Here is how we made it:


  • Thursday, September 26
    • 9AM – Handsaw cutting wood
    • 11AM – Handsaw cutting wood
    • 1PM – Carwash
    • 3PM – Handsaw cutting Wood
    • 5PM – Brush rubbing against a wall
  • Friday, September 27
    • 9AM – Serrated blade cutting cardboard box
    • 11AM – Sawing thru plastic
    • 1PM – Sawing thru wood
    • 3PM – Sandpaper on Wood
    • 5PM – Hacksaw thru PVC
  • Monday, September 30
    • 9AM – Sandpaper on Wood
    • 11AM – Sandpaper on Drywall
    • 1PM – Saw cutting tree branch
    • 3PM – Hacksaw thru styrofoam
    • 5PM – Sanding wood
  • Tuesday, October 1
    • 9AM – Serrated Knife cutting French bread on a cutting board
    • 11AM – Sawing thru drywall
    • 1PM – Saw cutting thru a pipe
    • 3PM – Serrated knife cutting thru a tree branch
    • 5PM – Carpet tile backs rubbing together

Secret Sound 2019 – 5 – How we made it

Posted on: September 25th, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Madison from Pensacola… who knew what Secret Sound 5 was for $375.


  • Monday, September 23
    • 1p-Driving with the Windows Down
    • 3p-a food chopper
    • 5p-a bracelet tapping a sink then the garbage disposal coming on.


  • Tuesday, September 24
    • 9a-Typewriter & Paper shredder
    • 11a-Blender crushing ice
    • 1p-Blender
    • 3p-Old typewriter & garbage disposal
    • 5p-Fake nails tap the side of a blender then on

Secret Sound 2019 – 4 – How we did it

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019 by brent

Congrats to Belle who figured out Secret Sound 4 and scored $425.00… Check out how we made it.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019
1PM – Yeti Tumbler dropped on the ground
3PM – Pair of dumbbells hit the floor
5PM – Moving // Adjusting a toilet tank lid

Thursday, September 19, 2019
9AM – Cast iron lid on a pan
11AM – Plate on a table
1PM – Pinball machine
3PM – Rock rolling around in a metal cup
5PM – Banging the bottom of pots and pans

Friday, September 20, 2019
9AM – Fingers on a metal tumbler
11AM – Plate on a table
1PM – Weights on a barbell
3PM – Wine bottle on a counter
5PM – Lifting weights

Secret Sound 2019 – 3 – How we made it

Posted on: September 18th, 2019 by brent

Secret Sound 2019 – 2 – Reveal – How we did it

Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by brent

The Cat Country 98.7 $1000 Secret Sound live now.Here is how we made Secret Sound 2. Congrats to Jack who got this one quick. He picked up $125 in Cat Cash.

If you get the sound right on the first guess it is worth $1000! After that it goes back to $100 and will build with every incorrect guess. We will post the wrong answers at the end of each day so you can see what has been eliminated. To guess, listen for the keyword to text at 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p, and 5p.

See the rules

Check out Secret Sound #2.