Fill The May Flower – Nov. 19-20

Fill The Mayflower will be Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving at Cordova Mall on the 9th avenue side across from Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. Come out and fill the Coastal Mayflower trucks from Coastal Moving & Storage with donations of food and cash. Volunteers are onsite to take in donations and load them into boxes and onto the Mayflower trucks. Brent and Candy from Cat Country 98.7 will live with NewsRadio 1620 & WEAR ABC Channel 3. This is the largest multi-day food drive for Manna every year.

It is the 11th year of bringing hope to the hungry.  All food and monies collected through Fill the Mayflower are donated to Manna. Manna is a charity organization whose mission is to offer emergency food assistance, service the food-related needs of vulnerable populations in Escambia and Santa Rosa County, and engage the entire community in the fight against hunger.

Items Manna needs the most:

  •          Canned Fruit (in 100% juice preferred)
  •          Canned Chicken
  •          Canned Mixed Vegetables
  •          Canned Green Vegetables (English Peas, Spinach, Turnip Greens)
  •          Canned Carrots
  •          Canned Yellow Vegetables (Squash, Corn)

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