Secret Sound 2 Reveal

Congrats to Heather Griffith from Pensacola… who scores $575 with Secret Sound #2.  Here is how we made it!

Tuesday September 26, 2017 Guesses

3PM Washing Machine Out Of Alignment
5PM Train On Tracks

Wednesday September 27, 2017 Guesses

9AM Brass Top Spinning
11AM Ice Out Of Fridge
1PM Coffee Cup Out Of Cabinet
3PM Cup Being Knocked Over
5PM Ball Bearing Test

Thursday September 28, 2017 Guesses

9AM Brass Sipping From A Straw
11AM Train
1PM Marble Sliding
3PM Bowling Ball Rolling Down Alley
5PM Bowl Falling From Cabinet

Friday September 29, 2017 Guesses

9AM Popcorn Popping
11AM Ice Cubes Rolling On Counter
1PM Marbles On Counter
3PM Pens Dropped In Cup
5PM Something On A Conveyor Belt

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