Secret Sound 1 – Reveal

Congrats to Chad Heatherington who picks up $900  with Secret Sound #1 it was slow motion of a dog in a pool:

Check the rules here

Monday September 18, 2017 Guesses

9AM Boiling Water
11AM Diving Into Water
1PM Water Poured Out
3PM Wind
5PM Hot Tub

Tuesday September 19, 2017 Guesses

9AM Wind Blowing Into A Mic
11AM Creek Running
1PM Boat In Water
3PM GoPro Under Water
5PM Boiling Water

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Guesses

9AM Recording Underwater
11AM Plexiglass In Wind
1PM Underwater At Beach
3PM Waves Rolling Over You On Beach
5PM Blue Angels Flying

Thursday September 21, 2017 Guesses

9AM Bowling Ball In Water
11AM Pump In Water
1PM Water Cooler Jug Turned Upside Down
3PM Ultrasound
5PM Blowing Wind Out Of Car Window


Monday September 25, 2017 Guesses

9AM Mop Bucket Ready To Mop
11AM Washing Machine
1PM Ultra Sound
3PM Go Pro Inside Swimming Pool
5PM Recording Of Bathtub Being Filled Up

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