Cash Cat Round 1 Clues

Congrats to NICK from CANTONMENT – You found the $5000 Cash Cat

If you are looking for the clues from round 1 they are below.  These clues have no connection to round 2 unless otherwise stated.


Cash Cat – 9-20-18 at 9am

Shopping Trip – 9/24


Friday, September 28

  • 7:20am – Today it might Rain, so find me where I’m at… Look high and low, I’ll be in a brimmed hat
  • 11:20am – When you walk be me, make a few passes… When you find me, I’ll see you with my glasses
  •  3:20pm – All the hints I’ve given you should take a Leap-O …. Are you looking for me at a Gazebo?
  •  5:20pm –NO CLUE: GAME WON by Nick from Cantonment…



Thursday, September 27

  • 7:20am – $5000 dollars is ready for you. Find me first, before your crew!
  • 11:20am – So now you know what gender I am. Find me soon and win 5 GRAND!!!
  •  3:20pm – My friends are fans of fun and frivolity. And I have some great ones, I hit the friend lottery!
  •  5:20pm – I do like singing, but I do not have the best voice. Don’t make me do it in person, if you have the choice.


Wednesday, September 26

  • 7:20am – I don’t know who it was who dressed like me, but a guy with black hair is NOT the one to see.
  • 11:20am – Middle of the week and still lots to do. 5000 in cash could buy a lot of seafood!
  •  3:20pm – This cash is burning a hole in my pocket. If I could spend it, I would buy something that goes in a socket.
  •  5:20pm – If you had the app this would be old news. Don’t look for me in flipflops but rather shoes.


Tuesday, September 25

  • 7:20am – We all have our favorite places to shop. This might sound stupid, but at the Antique Stores big money I drop.
  • 11:20am – I love to get a great deal. I hunt and I hunt for the perfect steal.
  •  3:20pm – I love to dance…it keeps me stout. I would hate to have my favorite event rained out
  •  5:20pm – Pictures and photos, you’ve seen a few. I prefer to snap at a place with a view.


Monday, September 24

  • 7:20am – I’m not short and I’m not tall. But compared to Brent, he stands over us all.
  • 11:20am – I got some laughs this weekend. Perhaps you did too. At Wahoo Stadium some people looking, sorry I dodged your crew.
  •  3:20pm – The fridge is bare, I’m looking for food. If I don’t get groceries you will find me with ‘Tude”
  •  5:20pm – If you’re looking for me with an iPod, your luck will go down. Look for me listening to Cat Country 98.7, and be the toast of the town.


Friday, September 21

  • 7:20am – It’s the last day of summer. I polished my ride. The heat is bummer. But it’s to pretty to stay inside.
  • 11:20am – Summer is here today, but gone tomorrow. I’ll spend my time at the beach without much sorrow.
  • 3:20pm – The 1st day fall, be a doer not a watcher. Look for me in the emerald green or black water.
  • 5:20pm – It’s Friday afternoon and I am done for the week. Finding me is not for the shy  or the meak. Be bold for $5000 is in your reach, I saw you watching on the bench at Casino Beach.


Thursday, September 20

  • 7:20am – I’m not messy and I like a clean car. I’ll shop today to be sure it shines like a star. Find me and see how close I can be. I’ll even send you a pic of where I am…from ME!
  • 11:20am – I sent you a pic so you would see I’m out. The lady with kid was close but didn’t turn about.
  • 3:20pm – Just my luck, it’s that time of day. A few storms are brewing and rain it may. If I’m on the street, an umbrella I’ll take. Ask the right question, 5000 you can make!
  • 5:20pm – Someone came close, I heard you talk about your phone alarms. But better to ask the question for 5000 charms.


Wednesday, September 19

  • 7:20am – Ask for my coffee and I’ll do you no harm. But reach for the last Krispy Kreme and you’ll lose an arm.
  • 11:20am – I need to keep busy, my patience is small. In a gym you may find me working with a Ball
  • 3:20pm – I could be anyone, your friend, a coworker or even your daughter or son. I think its to hot, but you might find me were crazy people run.
  • 5:20pm – Quarters and nickles, pennies and dimes. Where in town would you find a place to Rhyme


Tuesday, September 18

  • 7:20am – The day has just begun, and my job is to flee. With the money I have, you could go on a quite a spree. Waking up in the morning, fresh from a dream. What gets me going? Starbucks hot chocolate with whipped cream!
  • 11:20am – The Summer’s been warm and that has gotten real old. But blue jeans I wear, whether it’s hot or it’s cold.
  • 3:20pm – You sit at your desks, the 5 Grand you want. Typing and working will all be for naught. Hit the roads and the malls, to save your car from the repo. This money, I’d spend, a big chunk at Home Depot.
  • 5:20pm – Even in the afternoon, with my day still going…My favorite summer task, I’m telling you, it’s mowing!


Monday, September 17

  • 7:20am – I am the Cash Cat, that person you seek. Around Cat Country you search and you peek. Ask everybody you meet, whether short or tall. “Are you the Cat Country 98 7  $5000 Cash Cat” and walk away with it all!
  • 11:20am – Looking for the Cat Country 98 7 Cash Cat? As obvious as it may seem, I’m not a Cat Country 98 7 Personality or a member of the Team.
  •  3:20pm – As the Cash Cat, I’m mobile, I never stay put. To win the 5 grand, look for me on foot.
  •  5:20pm – My first day on the run has come to an end. The 5 Grand I’ve got will take a long time to spend. I go to the malls, for snacks I look. But buying on line, I shop for my books.

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